Sketch to Store with Inde!

For whom? Emerging Designers, Design Students, Non-Designers too!

Design ideas remain ideas until you do something about them. The Inde Project helps take your ideas from sketch to store.
You need to start with a plan - one that ensures minimum wastage of time and money, avoids expensive mistakes and guarantees that your idea will become reality. Sooner than later. We work with you to formulate a plan based on your goals.
With a plan in place, the next step is to execute! You need to find the right people to get the ball rolling. Suppliers, manufacturers, sellers, buyers. We are your personal concierge, providing you with the information, network and insight you need.
Once the product is ready, we help you address delivery of your product. Through your own website, through marketplaces, through stores, pop-ups, trade-shows (conditions apply).
We have different packages to suit your exact needs. Email us on for more info!

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