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Our workshops aim to help new/ emerging designers create and sell private label RTW women’s apparel and accessories globally.

We have multiple workshops that teach aspiring and emerging designers how to keep up with global trends and demands when planning a new label, new collection or new approach to selling. The workshops walk through how the global market works, how the wholesale process is established and what designers need to do in order to start and grow their own label, from A to Z.  

Our goal is to take you through everything you need, to create, market and sell a line.

Learn in a few hours, what experience may teach you otherwise, in a few years!

For whom are these workshops designed?

Anyone who wants to understand how to start their own private label and turn it into a sustainable, thriving business has much to gain from attending one of the workshops.

Fashion students, new/ emerging designers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Studying, working part-time, starting out, THINKING about starting-out or have been around for 1-5 years. You love what you do, but you also need to make a real business of that.

New and emerging designers have benefited from partnering with us and learning how to mould their business into one that is ready for the global market – down to every detail like trend, styling, pricing, quality, photography, cataloging, labeling, packaging etc.

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What does this workshop cover?

This workshop is for those who have an existing independent fashion label OR are starting out towards creating one, with collections that are contemporary, western, minimal, silhouettes that are sure to work globally.

It’s always a good time to understand global markets, wholesale buying processes and explore new opportunities. This 2.5 hour session will help you understand the following –

– Identifying a target market and defining your ideal customer
– Identifying your competition

– Global seasons and buying schedules
– Establishing a process & timeline
– Address the challenges along each step of the way
– Global trends for style, fabric, color, print
– How to be wholesale buyer-friendly? (Wholesale buyer budgets, what they look for in a label)
– Brand image

– Pricing your products
– Establishing wholesale benchmarks
– Sales targets, cash flow planning, financial projections for a year

– Channels of distribution – retail
– Channels of distribution – wholesale

Who are we?

We are a team of industry experts, with many years of experience in fashion retail, e-commerce, sourcing and production, with fashion consultants and partners in key regions of the world.

We started The Inde Project  with the sole purpose of helping a rising number of Independent designers to create stronger, long lasting businesses by providing the support that is required along every step of the way. While you focus on making fabulous fashion, we take care of your business.

How have these workshops been developed?

We work closely with agents, buyers and fashion consultants in the US and EU and travel through trade shows and sourcing events throughout the world. These workshops have been developed as a result of multiple ongoing discussions and collaboration with our consultants and mentors.

Why we do what we do?

Creating a brand is not easy. Creating and marketing an apparel or accessory label in a markets outside your reach and with so much competition, is harder still.

Having met and spoken with more than 300 young, emerging designers, we found one commonality across the vast majority – the desire to sell more, the desire to sell internationally, the desire to have bigger and better businesses! The biggest challenges – limited support, financing and knowledge to do so.

What challenges do we want to address?

Your primary focus needs to be on designing and creating – which is also your forte really.

But somehow along the way, your business needs to get planned too so you can be up and running quickly! In order to do this, you need some understanding of what really goes on and how to work your way around it! Step by step instructions for producing a line and selling it — not to mention marketing, costing and pricing, sourcing, selling tools, line sheets, and more!